Loud chewing and other things that will drive you crazy about your travel companion.

Most of us have at some point wondered – should I travel with a friend?

As far as travelling goes I have trialled most options. I have roamed alone, found myself on a boozy tour with 35 others and made trips with friends in varying numbers. Every option has pros and cons so it really depends on you, your friends, where you are going and what you want to get out of the trip.

Here are five questions to ask yourself before you decide.

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Thoughts from a 21-year-old restless: Why you should step out of your comfort zone (if only for the story).

Below is a throwback from an unpublished post I wrote as an exchange student in the USA. This is a funny story, but also a reminder to step outside of your comfort zone. Disclaimer, re-reading the shortened text language fills me with horror – oh how things have changed. Enjoy xx

Monday 10:49am: “Hey Girl, Im serious about us wrkn out 2gether, Ill figure out which days Im free & let u no.”

I stare blankly at the text message as I search through memories of the weekend (most of them are awash with a slightly intoxicated haze – this makes things a little difficult). Who did I agree to go to the gym with I wonder? My brain searches through poorly packaged memories and eventually focuses on something from Saturday night. I bump into a friend at the bar, we take shots, I meet her friends, I buy more shots…this must be it. I have agreed to become a gym buddy with someone at a bar and conveniently wiped it from my memory. I reply

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Riding in cars with boys and other people I have met on aeroplanes.

As with life, decisions are unavoidable when travelling. Baguette or bagel? Hostel or hotel? Plane or train? And probably the most difficult “should I trust this person?”.

80% of the time, the answer to the last question is no. Yes, there are exceptions and trust can be built; but a dose of pessimism is crucial when you are roaming the world.

Does this mean you have to close yourself off to others when travelling?

No way! I have made plenty of friends and met a ton of interesting people during my travels. I have always gone with my gut feeling. Luckily, even in the face of poor decisions (ahem, I have accepted rides from strangers on aeroplanes more than once) it has guided me well.

But how can you keep danger just far enough away that it doesn’t hurt you?

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